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The Information Lists Ackil Among Top Tech DC Advocates

Influential Silicon Valley publication The Information published an in-depth look at the advocates who are explaining technology and how changes to regulations or legislation can have a real-world impact. Franklin Square Group co-founder Josh Ackil was cited in the publication for bein

As The Information wrote in “Tech’s Front Line in Washington, DC”:

“A successful lobbyist has to do more than an open doors for clients, says Mr. Ackil. They have to be able to explain how Washington works. That legislative and regulatory process is something that Mr. Ackil is familiar with after serving the Democratic leadership of both the House and the Senate, as well as two years in the White House as a staff director and special assistant to President Bill Clinton.

The tech industry cannot just sit back and dismiss Washington as a place that is focused on politics and protecting incumbents, said Mr. Ackil. “Things are moving, and that disruption needs to be dealt with at a regulatory and policy level,” said Mr. Ackil, adding, “Silicon Valley companies should want to get engaged and get it right.”

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